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Elder Scrolls Online for Consoles

E3 brought some good news to all Elder Scrolls Online fans. First of all the release date was announced. Now we know that the game will be released in spring 2014. Though this date is approximate, ESO developers promised to release the game in time. Paul Sage said that all players will be able to start adventures in Tamriel in spring. The exact release date is still unknown.

Press release published by Bethesda several days ago, announced that Elder Scrolls Online will have version for consoles. Developers announced that Xbox One and Play Station 4 will be supported. Console, PC and Mac versions will be released in the same day. Owners of all these platforms will be able to jump into the game simultaneously.

Some gamers are not satisfied with the news. They expected to see the game this year and they think that that development of the console version moved the release date. Maybe it is the truth, maybe not but the decision is made. We will see the game in about 1 year from now.

Some people also think that console version development will simplify the PC version of the game. Paul Sage said that it is not the question to worry about. There will be two separate versions: for PC/Mac and for consoles.  These versions will have different UI (user interface) and players will play the game on different servers. PC/Mac players will have their own servers, Xbox One and PS4 owners will play separately. Thus there will not be any conflicts. There will not be any simplification.

One more question that was highlighted is console beta. It also takes place and any owner of Xbox One or Play Station 4 can sign-up for testing at the official website of the game. Just do not fill “System Profile” field and mention that you want to participate in BETA events for console owners. Don’t forget to tell, what console (Xbox One or Play Station 4) you have. What are the chances to be selected for console beta? I think the chances are higher than for PC beta. Anyway I wish you good luck and beta invite.

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What about Crafting in Elder Scrolls Online?

As you know crafting is a central part of any MMO game.  Many players like to spend time searching for ingredients and crating new items for selling of for personal usage. Good crafters are always rich. They have huge respect and each guild wants to have such crafter. What about professions in ESO? Will there be crafting and how it will help players?

Elder Scrolls Online is a part of TES series and each game from the series allowed player to create armor weapon and sometimes even spells. Skyrim, the latest game, gave opportunity to become a smith, enchanter or alchemist.

Elder Scrolls Online will also have crafting. All crafted items will be covered by five professions: Provisioner, Enchanter, Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, and Alchemist. These professions allow to crate armor, weapon hilling portions, and enchant items. Traditional set of professions.

Developers said that crafting in ESO is not just for fun. It can be a source of high level items. Matt Frior also told that some high level items can be received only through professions. That sounds good because items, created by players should be useful. A player will know that he spends his time to get something special.

Each player can master 2 professions from 5. But it is possible to learn all professions without becoming a master. Everything depends on your wishes but on my opinion there nust be specialization. It does not have sense to distribute points between all five professions. You will not be able to reach awesome recipes. It is better to focus on 2 professions.

The in-game economy will be based on this restriction. Each player will have only 2 main professions and will have to use help of other players. That’s great. 

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Watch Dogs - New Action Game

Action games are played by many people. One of my favorite action is GTA. I believe a lot of players like the game and it has many fans. The atmosphere of freedom makes GTA one of the most interesting games. But do you know that GTA competitor is coming? The name of a new game is Watch Dogs and latest gameplay videos show that this game will be awesome.

Watch Dogs is build on the idea of informational warfare. All systems in the city are ruled by one operation system. The data about all people is gathered and stored on servers. Digital networks are everywhere. The main hero is s hacker who can access this data and use operating system for his own needs.

The graphics of the game is awesome. Gameplay video shows people walking down the streets. They look so natural that you forget that it is a game. NPCs have their own jobs, they do different things and they can react to your actions. The graphic engine does his job.

By the way, there were many rumors about the engine. They said that Watch Dogs uses engine from Assassins Creed 3. But that’s wrong. The game has its own engine called Disrupt. The engine is good. You can see it in any video of the game.

Who is the main hero?

As I said, he is a hacker. He is not a good boy. But not a bad one. His behavior is neutral. He hacks the ctOS and uses all benefits of it. He steals money from personal accounts of other people. He just tries to survive.

The game is a shooter with action elements. It will be released later, in the end of 2013 but developers can change the release date. Anyway the game will be great. Follow the updated about The Watch Dogs at I am sure the project will attract a lot of attention in future.

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Elder Scrolls Online - New Facts

Elder Scrolls Online was announced on the 3-rd of May 2012. 9 months passed since that. Now we are close to official Beta testing and there is a lot of new information available:

1 ESO will contain social elements. Developers say that they are going to integrate Facebook into the game. It will be easy to find your friends and invite new players to your guilds. This decision is cool. There is no other mmo with such features. I do not know why, but other games do not use potential of social networking. Nowadays Facebook is very popular and such features will help to make the game awesome.

2 Mega server. Developers are talking about this but they do not tell how it will work. As we know so far it will be a new technology created by ZeniMax Online specially for Elder Scrolls Online. The technology allows to keep all players on one big server but in different worlds. Thus Mega Server will be able to merge worlds with low population. Each world will have enough players any time! There will not be overpopulated locations. You will not have to wait until free place appears. Just log in and play! 

3 Familiar world. We will see all familiar races and guilds from previous TES games. You will be able to enter Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild. Actually developers do not want to make changes in general ESO story and want to keep everything familiar. I respect such thoughts. I would like to see familiar world in ESO.

4 The game will be released in 2013. I believe in the end of the year. There will be 2 Beta tests: Closed Beta and Open Beta. So there is enough time to prepare.

5 The game will not require strong hardware for comfortable playing. Developers are going to make the game run on not very strong computers. Of source if your PC is good you will be able to admire beautiful world. If your PC is not so good you will be able to play without lags but with lower quality. 

Article was written for - Unofficial ESO Database. Hope we will spend many hours playing ESO together.

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Elder Scrolls Online Beta - All we know so far (by ESOinformation)

This is a new video about Elder Scrolls Online BETA! Do not miss it! Beta will take place soon.

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