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Watch Dogs - New Action Game

Action games are played by many people. One of my favorite action is GTA. I believe a lot of players like the game and it has many fans. The atmosphere of freedom makes GTA one of the most interesting games. But do you know that GTA competitor is coming? The name of a new game is Watch Dogs and latest gameplay videos show that this game will be awesome.

Watch Dogs is build on the idea of informational warfare. All systems in the city are ruled by one operation system. The data about all people is gathered and stored on servers. Digital networks are everywhere. The main hero is s hacker who can access this data and use operating system for his own needs.

The graphics of the game is awesome. Gameplay video shows people walking down the streets. They look so natural that you forget that it is a game. NPCs have their own jobs, they do different things and they can react to your actions. The graphic engine does his job.

By the way, there were many rumors about the engine. They said that Watch Dogs uses engine from Assassins Creed 3. But that’s wrong. The game has its own engine called Disrupt. The engine is good. You can see it in any video of the game.

Who is the main hero?

As I said, he is a hacker. He is not a good boy. But not a bad one. His behavior is neutral. He hacks the ctOS and uses all benefits of it. He steals money from personal accounts of other people. He just tries to survive.

The game is a shooter with action elements. It will be released later, in the end of 2013 but developers can change the release date. Anyway the game will be great. Follow the updated about The Watch Dogs. I am sure the project will attract a lot of attention in future.

  • Posted 1 year ago
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