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Elder Scrolls Online for Consoles

E3 brought some good news to all Elder Scrolls Online fans. First of all the release date was announced. Now we know that the game will be released in spring 2014. Though this date is approximate, ESO developers promised to release the game in time. Paul Sage said that all players will be able to start adventures in Tamriel in spring. The exact release date is still unknown.

Press release published by Bethesda several days ago, announced that Elder Scrolls Online will have version for consoles. Developers announced that Xbox One and Play Station 4 will be supported. Console, PC and Mac versions will be released in the same day. Owners of all these platforms will be able to jump into the game simultaneously.

Some gamers are not satisfied with the news. They expected to see the game this year and they think that that development of the console version moved the release date. Maybe it is the truth, maybe not but the decision is made. We will see the game in about 1 year from now.

Some people also think that console version development will simplify the PC version of the game. Paul Sage said that it is not the question to worry about. There will be two separate versions: for PC/Mac and for consoles.  These versions will have different UI (user interface) and players will play the game on different servers. PC/Mac players will have their own servers, Xbox One and PS4 owners will play separately. Thus there will not be any conflicts. There will not be any simplification.

One more question that was highlighted is console beta. It also takes place and any owner of Xbox One or Play Station 4 can sign-up for testing at the official website of the game. Just do not fill “System Profile” field and mention that you want to participate in BETA events for console owners. Don’t forget to tell, what console (Xbox One or Play Station 4) you have. What are the chances to be selected for console beta? I think the chances are higher than for PC beta. Anyway I wish you good luck and beta invite.

  • Posted 1 year ago
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